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With VeryLogic GmbH you have a competent and professional development partner in the area of ​​FPGA-based embedded systems at your disposal. The ready-to-use products and customer-tailored services mirror directly our rich project experiences made in last years. Regardless, whether you need an experienced FPGA-designer or our know-how to realize your ideas, we are glad to support you with valuable advice and practical assistance.


The FPGAs are predestined to process massive data streams in real-rime and with high throughput. Their inherent reconfigurability enables cost-efficient implementation of frame-oriented protocols, which are continuously developed and improved with the advances of the underlying industrial standards. VeryLogic GmbH develops and distributes FPGA IP-Cores, in particular compact implementations of the redundancy and time synchronizations protocols according to IEC 62439-3 and IEEE 1588 resp. IEC 61588 standards for industrial Ethernet networks. These define how the topology and communication shall be established in an Ethernet network, in order to increase its reliability and synchronism, and keep at the same time the communication fully transparent for the network nodes. [more…]


VeryLogic GmbH offers extensive engineering services. Especially when you are faced with development of FPGA-centric systems, you can count on our long standing hardware design experience. We perform confident schematic entry and reliable PCB-layout of the latest SoC-FPGAs (e.g. Xilinx Zynq) and recent multi-Gigabit transceiver technologies. Our specialities are the development of digital systems and their verification with VHDL hardware description language using common FPGA-design suites. Our responsibility doesn't end with the handover of the finished design, we perform continuous maintenance of the existing (third-party) designs. [more…]