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Hardware development

VeryLogic GmbH provides custom hardware development services. The schematic entry and PCB layout is done with Altium Designer software package. The design components are either taken from an existing customer database or created from the scratch according to the IPC-7351B standard. After the routing signal integrity simulation is used to verify the behaviour of critical high-speed digital signals. Multilayer PCBs with blind / buried vias and impedance controlled traces are our daily business. The delivery package contains all design and export files needed for smooth PCB production and assembly. Our engineers support you during prototype bring-up and new product introduction.

Digital logic design

VeryLogic GmbH core competency is development of embedded systems based on FPGAs and SOPCs provided by the both market leaders Altera and Xilinx. Our methodological competence and experiences with modular designs gained in the last years are reflected in the easily maintainable and extendable FPGA designs provided to the customers. Furthermore, the technology-independent VHDL ensures the cross-platform compatibility of the created FPGA designs. The detail knowledge of the mainstream FPGA architectures and manufacturer design tools facilitates compact and incredibly fast designs. Last but not least, precise design and testbench documentation is always a mandatory part of the delivery.

Design maintenance.

Especially during maintenance of legacy designs project leaders are often faced with the situation when either the FPGA device is end-of-life (EOL) or even worse, the design developer has left the company. Once the source code was analysed by our specialists, they can easily adapt it to the new requirements or target different FPGA without rewriting everything from scratch. However, if the design bases on an outdated methodology (e.g. graphic entry) or it uses an exotic language (e.g. ABEL HDL) it can be replaced with an equivalent VHDL description. It might be even cost efficient to substitute in a same step a discrete CPU/FPGA design by a future-proof system on a programmable chip (SOPC) platform.

FPGA-specific expertise

Does your FPGA design behave in real-world differently than in the simulation? Are you faced with apparently unresolvable timing closure problems? Does the place & route tool fail to fit the FPGA design in the target device? Shall the system functionally efficiently partitioned between the FPGA logic and an embedded processor? Are you planning to compose a FPGA designer team or do you need a technical supervision of the existing one? In these and many other situation we can help your company to focus on its core competencies while our experts keep everything else on rolling.